1. Overflown Ashtrays Vol. II

  2. For Cory: the greatest story ever told LP
    dale earnhardt

  3. Bullshit Market / Crustgirls
    Bullshit Market / Crustgirls

  4. Untitled
    Unknown Artist

  5. Traditional Sorrow

  6. Chartres-Poezen Top Hits Volume 0

  7. wishing you nothing but the worst EP

  8. starvation ceremony
    Leipzig Meuten / Crustgirls

  9. birdwatcher
    Leipzig Meuten

  10. Overflown Ashtrays

  11. Illmanic (feat. Kim K is Ugly)

  12. Boat Thirteen
    The O'Brien Project

  13. put sum comp on it it aint extra compilation
    NOG Records / Juice of Mango / Misc Music Mothership

  14. Smug Split
    The Butterfield Conspiracy / Kizumono no Hanako / crustgirls / I Killed Techno!

  15. Following The Lizard Queen
    Langdon Alger

  16. Animal Crossing Split
    Seagulls Fucking Seagulls / Dubious Disc

  17. the complete nascore discography
    dale earnhardt

  18. ローファイの冒険 (Lofi-Adventure II)

  19. Back4Awhile // Instrumentals

  20. Only One
    Velvet Desprate

  21. Nothing Special pt. II (2012​-​2014)
    Robert Allen Dunn

  22. Nothing Special pt. I (2012​-​2014)
    Robert Allen Dunn

  23. midnight
    parkway (lowercase)

  24. Longing

  25. Daddy's Dead & Griselda Blanco Is God
    Joseph Strength Audio

  26. verymuchso
    the most beautiful images (created only to be destroyed)

  27. archive '14 - '15

  28. awake/depressed/alive
    wilted petals

  29. Video Killed
    Uncle Yam

  30. Hold Me Closer To Your Love
    Scorpion Sound Source

  31. SETTLE

  32. split
    the most beautiful images (created only to be destroyed) // bedroom tapes

  33. Vermilion

  34. This Filth Is Not Yet Rated
    Soulmate From Space

  35. Kim K is Ugly
    Kim K is Ugly


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DIY Music and Art Label from TH, Germany. Specializing in Limited Edition Tapes and Zines.

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