Nothing Special pt. II (2012​​-​​2014)

by Robert Allen Dunn

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bunch of indiviudal recording all written and recorded in the span of a month in 2013


released November 5, 2015

Rob A. Dunn on everything

except for 'just you & i'
and some words by john frusciante on 'into obscurity i go'



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Just You & I [David Lynch Cover 2.0]
just you
and i

Track Name: Into Obscurity I Go
if i feel the spirits calling me why do i persist on such things and i don't know why i keep thinking all the time about these things and im weak and im step about what my mind thinks about me
its as if my mind is shut off like a computer and thnk and think and think whatever do you fele whats inside me

life is like a river where i drown
take a shower to wash the stink of virginity
and then i fuck you and feel the spirits leaving my body into you
i see them in your eyes and i try to confide in you
i see things when i go to bed at night
mostly shadows or hallucinatory things
when i stand up it feels as if i left my sphere into yours
when i float into space for 11 years i want you with me
and you are a tree and im a dog
and you are a bitch and im a fuckup
everything i say is muffled and mumbled
into obscurity i go
outside my window
what do i have to show
to a world
that the only way to destroy
is to die like a baby boy
i could be happy in infinity
of the states of mind
where i could be myself
and this scribbling nonsense
on these pages would be something sincere
and i could learn how to feel
and have my last meal
but now i don't even know if im real
Track Name: Barely Out of Sight [Take 2]
you look at me
whilst eating tinfoil submarines
saying please put me back into the scene
of Tarkovsky's poetry
playing in the littered cinema gallery
behind the streets
owned by the people
who love to take our sweet creatures from our grasp

i look right above me
and laugh at the portrait of a gun on the ceiling
pointing right at the sky
and is eager to shoot the light
and make it forever night
so we have a chance to try and learn how to fly
over temptation
barely out of sight

you look at me
while i clean silver pointless things
saying please show me where
my extra heart can grow
into something beautiful
right behind the shed
where i buried my last pet
when i was only nine
and it is barely
barely out of sight
Track Name: Jasmine [Take 2]
she's named after a flower
and i know why
the sky lights up when
she's in the corner of my eye

fantastic jasmin
sharp scent of jasmin

it grows around my house
and i open the windows at night

for jasmin
fantastic gift
of presence
from jasmin

for a while she gave me a purpose
and i know why
because she's jasmin
Track Name: Carousella Mirror
carousella mirror
cradle me at night
and spin right between the thighs
you grace me with
your prettiness
and its killing me
with the diamond cup you use
to maestrate orchestral arrangements
accompanied by projection lights
staining your face
as it looks in the camera's eye
and proclaims it's newfound extinction
with the rise of energy
that ties you and me
together on the net of gaia's breast
which tastes so delicious
when i take a bite

and sometimes just maybe
i'll believe like you
to the father-figure you want me to
and make me into a sheep in your zoo
following everything that you do
and taking away intellectual virtue
but carousel goodnight
tomorrow i have to take a flight
to a place that will take me now
to my dreams and what have you
in the
Track Name: Frisco & Jane Pt.3 [Take 1]
for every start
you broke my heart
and you led me on as well
through my own personal hell

you showed me the trees
and the sky and the stars
that speak to you and i
showing us what it means to go farr

i lie in bed sometimes
thinking of the bestest times

jane, oh
meet me there
hold my hand
as we fly through the air
i dont care where we go
as long as it's together

you are white
and i am black
and our children are grey
just like our little lives

we shoot up everything
we see
until our brain forgets
how to breathe

i lie in bed sometimes
thinking of the bestest times

and jane, oh
meet me there
hold my hand as we fly through the air
i don't care where we go
as long as it's together

oh jane
i dont know where you are today
but i hope you are okay

frisco and jane
frisco and jane
Track Name: The Ocean (Cruel Potion)
the ocean
cruel potion

swallow me whole
i don't have much to show

let me go
drown in the ocean
Track Name: God, Please Take Me Back
let's hide under the bed
you don't want god to find us
we've done so many evil things
i don't think he'll forgive us

i'm sorry i lied to you
i just didn't want to disappoint you
your love is like an ocean
but i don't know how to swim

oh god, please take me back
with a lantern underneath the sheets
we revealed our deepest darkest needs
with our initials carved in every tree
i just hope you won't forget me

smoke filling up my lungs
and clouds away my heart
i hope you return my calls
cuz my soul will feel recharged
Track Name: Something I Can't Take (Something I Can't Forget)
with a pen and paper
i try and forget her
sometimes real
although sometimes fake
something i can feel
something i can't take

i feel like a loser
i feel like a hypocrite
because i try
and forget her
but i can't
but i can't

i try and talk normal
and i'm too shy to try and call
it's only been six months
but i can't get it soon
because every waking minute
of you
night and day
because the first love is something
can't forget
can't forget
Track Name: Dada
i need you now

don't look at me like you don't know
i have seen it all
and i've seen plants grow to age

i've seen people you can't believe
they come to me and say
you are so weird


i know this might seem really strange
but i will never see you the same way

i roll up dollar bills
and put them up my nose
and now i say
i'm happy this way

my room is a giant fucking mess
i can't help it but i digress
i know you now
Track Name: I Blew It
i blew it with you
and everything else i do
my intuition came true
i fucking blew with you
i knew it
i fucking blew it again
now you only think of me as a friend
i can't undo it
or redo it
because i fucking blew it again
i knew it
i fucking knew it
i blew it again

the end
the end