by Leipzig Meuten

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[MSCMSC030] -

nobody will witness
the glory of my shame and selfish.
no one to halt the inevitable.
it has all lead up to this.
there is nothing left to eat.

these words won't fit on paper.
only when it's too late will they
ring true to their nature.
i have come to terms with this
i just wish it was harder.

let it be permanent

recorded: january 16th, 1936


released May 19, 2016

vocals: unknown
guitar: unknown
drums: unknown



all rights reserved


Misc Music Mothership Germany

DIY Music and Art Label from TH, Germany. Specializing in Limited Edition Tapes and Zines.

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Track Name: a permanence
it's just
eating me

getting used
to it getting worse.
can't sleep
this one away.

of soil & stomach acid: this is my burial. my limbs wait to join me. we will be put back together in shit. no children will be reclaimed. no wild flowers will be placed back in the ground (only onto graves) now he calls hungry from the house; no parties as promised. only pissed panties & pieces placed delicately in separate rooms. we are all slaves to our hunger.
Track Name: another berlin
submerged in bathtubs fully clothed to be cleansed from the remnants of her fragrance. how vividly it brings me back. if only it could keep me there, i would not need a heaven.
Track Name: no soil
another nail in the ocean to wake a familiar haunting housing our hearts. all acts without love or wanting. we're up to our gills in oxygen. begging every breath is last.

delia read the letter with her son's voice. no soil rests over her daughter. my naked wrinkles unwanted. you don't want to see what ive buried here. my erection is lying. force your orgasm so he'll go away, but he skins your waters & your arms are left to freeze.
Track Name: empty stomachs
in hospital gowns & soiled sheets, she had finally found a wedding dress to say i DO! i DO! i DO!wearing the hands that undressed me, breath raptures in violence for a permanence. only hoping this world will end with great relief. there are others. i have come to join them. i can hear their bodies behind his naked. aching dead & weeping: we don't want our lives. i hear it all. then comes an unforgivable silence.